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Zunder accepts card payments at its chargers

Zunder goes a step further in its goal to connect people with technology and becomes the first global electric vehicle charging operator to offer chargers with card payment terminals (POS) in Spain through Getnet, the subsidiary of PagoNxt, a technology company belonging to Santander.

The joint project between Zunder and Getnet is a further demonstration of the commitment of both companies to support electromobility and to facilitate the charging process for all electric vehicle users.

Zunder, the largest fast and ultra-fast charging network open to all electric vehicles, has signed an agreement with Getnet, a global payments company owned by Santander,and has become a pioneer in the electromobility sector in Spain by installing payment terminals at its EV charging stations..


Zunder y Getnet

The project, headed up by Zunder, was born from the idea of making electromobility more accessible and easier to all electric vehicle drivers. Until Zunder came along, charging an electric car meant carrying various apps on your phone so that, depending on the charger provider, you could carry out the charging process. Each of these applications had different requirements and worked differently.

Since Zunder arrived on the electromobility scene, its goal has always been to implement an ultra-fast charging infrastructure and to simplify the process by removing barriers for the user. In addition to using its App to charge, there is also the Zunder key fob mode, which starts charging simply by swiping it over a reader, and it has even developed the Plug & Charge system, which shortens the process even further.


Zunder, the first charging operator to accept card payments in Spain

In this constant effort to improve usability, Zunder has relied on the technology of Getnet, the subsidiary of PagoNxt, a Santander technology company that provides payment services to merchants around the world. Through this project, Getnet has enabled the charging posts to accept contactless payment by card or by mobile phone, just by bringing it close to the payment terminal (POS). This means that the person who is going to use the Zunder charger does not need to register or provide personal data.

Both companies (both leaders in their sectors) have found synergies in their differential value so that, together, they can continue to offer their customers the best service. “This project with Getnet is another step in our work to create a disruptive model in a traditional sector with which we want to put technology at the service of mobility so that drivers have all the facilities to move “electrically” and that the process of charging their electric vehicle is as hassle-free as possible“,according to Daniel Pérez, CEO and Co-Founder of Zunder.

Rubén Justel, CEO of Getnet Europe, said: “This project is part of our focus on creating solutions that help create more sustainable mobility by simplifying the user experience with the digitisation of payment. From now on, users of electric vehicles, whether they are nationals or tourists, will be able to charge their vehicles quickly and easily”.


How to pay by card at Zunder?

  1. Bring your card (or mobile phone with virtual wallet) close to the POS terminal
  2. Connect your car with the charger
  3. Charge
  4. Disconnect your EV once it is charged
  5. Enjoy the journey

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